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Established as ISIK TRADING for the purpose of wire and nail production by Mehmet Isik. A businessman and an entrepreneur from Istanbul, whose commercial activities began in our companies history as early as 1950s. Became an incorporated company in 1984 and started industrial steel production in its flat and square bars rolling mill in the address Karabük Bayır Mahalle No: 130 as ISIK STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADING INC.


ISIK STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADING INC.  has executed the domestic distribution of industrial steel it produced and also became the contract manufacturer of prominent steel exporter companies of Turkey.


Having been in operation in Karabük Bayır Mahalle district until 2018, ISIK STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADING INC. has moved its production facilities to Karabuk Industrial Zone (KARORSAN). Due to factors such as developing market circumstances and increased competition. The company has carried into effect an investment of 15-stand modern rolling mill. An annual capacity of 150.000 metric ton in a total area of 20.000 m2. 12.000 m2 of which is closed space. Since 2018, ISIK STEEL has been offering the reinforcing deformed bars. It produces to the domestic market under the trademark ISIK ÇELİK®. The industrial steel products such as equal angles, flat, square and round bars again under the trademark ISIK ÇELİK®. To both the domestic and the exporting markets.


ISIK STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADING INC. continues its operations in the steel industry with its modern rolling mill and its daily increased capacity. In the wholesale and retail oil industry with ISIK OIL. Owned by ISIK STEEL, and ALTERNATİF OIL, a subsidiary of ISIK STEEL. In the construction and architecture sector with ISIK INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE. Contributes to the economy of the region and country with more than 300 personnel it employs. Our history continues…!