About Us

Having given the start of our operations as ISIK TRADING in the field of iron and steel back in 1965. We, ISIK STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADING INC. have been carrying on by growing in the sector continuously and steadily with the new investments we make. Find more about us below!

ISIK STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADING INC. has been producing reinforcing deformed bars, equal angles, flat, square and round bars in accordance with the international quality standarts. In its modern facilities established in 2017 in one of the leading industrial centers of the sector. The Industrial Zone of Karabuk province of Turkey, in a total area of 20.000 m2. 12.000 m2 of which is closed space.

ISIK STEEL INDUSTRY & TRADING INC. continues its activities with its annual production capacity of 150.000 metric ton. Broad product range, and emphasis on quality. Long term customer relations based on mutual understanding, goodwill. Maximum profit for all lie at the root of ISIK CELIK’s enduring success.